Program for Visiting Fellows

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The Institute for Advanced Studies for Ethics of the Sciences welcomes Visiting Fellows from all over the world, promoting interdisciplinary and international exchange and research collaborations.

About the Program

The IAS places great importance on promoting exchange with international scholars. To this end, we welcome Visiting Fellows at the IAS and, at the same time, support our members in continuing their education.

The IAS offers Visiting Fellows from all over the world the opportunity to conduct their research in a stimulating and interdisciplinary environment. The IAS offers a good working environment for this through access to the modern research infrastructure of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), University Göttingen (UG) and University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG). In addition, they have access to interdisciplinary research colloquia and can collaborate with other researchers. 

Our Visiting Fellows can remain connected to the IAS as IAS Alumni even after the end of their research stay. This enables us to maintain a sustainable, interdisciplinary exchange with international scholars and to promote international research collaborations.

On this page you will find reports about IAS members abroad, Visiting Fellows who are guests at the IAS, as well as information about the Visiting Fellow Programme at the IAS.


Yvonne Stöber
Yvonne Stöber

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