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International Symposium: Ethics of the Sciences

International Symposium: Ethics of the Sciences

March 14th – March 15th 2024, Leibnizhaus, Holzmarkt 4–6, 30159 Hannover

Considering Technological, Political and Societal Transformations


Thursday, March 14th 2024

1:05 pm                      Welcome Address                               
Volker Epping (Leibniz University Hannover (LUH))
Metin Tolan (University of Göttingen (UGOE))

1:15 pm                      Introduction Talk  
Nils Hoppe (LUH))
                                      Silke Schicktanz (UGOE/University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG))

1:45 pm                      Keynote Lecture I
                                      Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)
                                       “Open Science and the Ethics of Research: A Troubled Relationship”

2:45 pm                      Coffee Break and Interactive Poster Discussion

Session I: Open Science/Digitalisation                                           
Chair: Jochem Rieger (Carl von Ossietzky Universität of Oldenburg (UOL))

3:30 pm                      Katie Shilton (University of Maryland)
“Awareness, Participation, and Power: Navigating Digital Data Ethics
                                        in the Age of AI”

3:50 pm                      Catrin Misselhorn (UGOE)                         
                                       “Ethics by Chat? Large Language Models and Machine Ethics”

4:10 pm                      Panel Discussion with Sabina Leonelli, Katie Shilton & Catrin Misselhorn

4:30 pm                      Coffee Break

Session II: Science Communication/Public Engagement
Chair: Christoph Hönnige (LUH)

4:45 pm                      Anne-Sophie Behm-Bahtat (Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin)
                                       “Communicating Scientific Uncertainties: A Matter of Trust?”                    

5:05 pm                      Mark Schweda (UOL)
                                       “Same Same but Different? Perspectives and Pitfalls of Ethics Communication”

5:25 pm                      Panel Discussion with Anne-Sophie Behm-Bahtat & Mark Schweda    

5:45 pm                      End of Meeting and Get-together


Friday, March 15th 2024

9:00 am                      Welcome Nils Hoppe & Silke Schicktanz      

9:05 am                      Keynote Lecture II: Eric Meslin (Immediate Past President
                                          Council of
Canadian Academies, Ottawa)
“Whom, What and Why We Should Trust: Ethical Prerequisites for
                                        Good Governance in Science”

10:05 am                    Coffee Break

Session III: Policy Advise/Governance                     

Chair: Simon Fink (UGOE)

10:30 am                    Dovile Rimkute (Leiden University)
                                        “Risk Regulation in the European Regulatory State: Science-Based
or Reputation-Sourced”

10:50 am                    Philippe van Basshuysen (LUH)
                                          “Managing Performative Science”

11:10 am                    Panel Discussion with Eric Meslin, Dovile Rimkute & Philippe van Basshuysen

11:30 am                    Interactive Poster Discussion

12:15 am                    Lunch

Session IV: Epistemic (In)justice/Pluralism                        

Chair: Margarete Vöhringer (UGOE)

1:15 pm                      Harish Naraindas (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi)             
                                  “AyurGenomics, Epigenetics and P4 Medicine: Toward and
                                        Epistemic Democracy?”

1:35 pm                      Birgit Abels (UGOE)
                                   “Multi/Plural: Changing the Intellectual Climate?”

1:55 pm                      Panel Discussion with Harish Naraindas & Birgit Abels

2:15 pm                      Coffee Break

2:30 pm                      Discussion/Lessons learned

3:30 pm                      Closing remarks: Silke Schicktanz & Nils Hoppe

3:40 pm                      End of Meeting


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